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Feliciani Law Exists to Help People Make Excellent Decisions Regarding Their Specific Legal Issues, Resolve Complex Legal Issues, And Alleviate The Worry And Stress Of Their Legal Matter.

  Feliciani Law exists to help others! We provide a number of free materials that Robert has created simply to educate people just like you that might have a legal issue; including reports on elder law issues and family law issues.

We give these reports and material away completely free because we believe educated clients are better clients and we want to make sure are clients know that we are here to assist them.

In order to better serve our clients and keep us focused on our overall mission and purpose, we have developed a set of principals upon which we operate our firm, both internally and with our clients:

Client First

To each of our clients, there case may be the most important and pressing thing in their life at that moment. We recognize this fact and all of our actions are taken with that premise in mind. We are here to help you navigate the complex legal world and make the most educated decision possible, given the unique circumstances of your legal situation. Nothing happens without your approval and you are kept in the loop 100% regarding the status of your case. We are here for you, period, and we share everything that occurs with your case with you.


We dislike the stereotype of the uncaring robot attorney who is only concerned about billable hours, and we take great pride in destroying that stereotype. After years of handling legal matters many attorneys lose site of their purpose and become hardened. Although we are tough lawyers, we empathize with the difficult situation our clients are in. We understand how difficult this is for you and look at all our work through our client’s eyes. This gives us a better perspective on the matter and allows us work with a purpose!


Our clients are the reason we exist! There are thousands of attorneys and you could have chosen any one of them. Most attorneys believe that you need them. We believe that leads to complacency and entitlement. When you choose Feliciani Law we serve you with a grateful heart. Each time a client entrusts their legal case with us, we are thankful for their confidence and work hard to earn the trust they have bestowed upon us. We are thankful that our clients allow us to help them resolve their legal issues and all of our work is performed with that gratitude in mind.


We are constantly learning and trying to find new ways to assist our clients and further their goals. Personal growth and learning is the heart of our firm and it is why we produce free learning material for our clients. Learning is not just for our staff, but we believe our client should understand the fundamental legal concepts that affect their case.  

No Games

Many firms will take any case that walks through their door, Feliciani Law is not that firm. We are devoted to the areas of law we focus on and don’t attempt to practice in areas in which we are not devoted. This allows us to focus our training and learning to better serve our clients. We also do not take every case even in our practice areas. We believe our representation of our clients is more than a business transaction. When people are confronted with a difficult legal issue a lawyer will learn a great deal about a person, their family, and their life in general. We believe that comes with great responsibility and we often form deep friendships with our clients. We believe our personalities must mesh for our relationship to be successful.

We understand that we are not the right firm for everyone seeking legal representation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help them at all. If we can’t help or our firm is not a good match for a prospective client, we will gladly refer you to a number of our attorney friends! 

If you or someone you know is facing a legal matter and don’t know what to do next, call us, we are ready to provide you answers to your questions or direct you to someone who can help. (215) 825.3797

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About Bio

Robert was born and raised in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. Robert grew up in East Norriton where he attended Visitation B.V.M in Trooper Pennsylvania. He went on to attend LaSalle College High School in Wyndmoor.  

Robert then earned a Bachelor's degree from Temple University, where he graduated cum laude. Robert began his career as a Registered Investment Advisor and banker at several top five banks. Robert than returned to school earning his Juris Doctorate from Widener University where he again graduated cum laude.  

Robert started this firm with the goal of providing the best possible legal representation in the areas of Elder Law, Estate Planning and Family Law.  

Robert has written an number of articles for his clients personal education on topics in the area of family law and elder law. He takes great pride in educating his clients because he believes that an educated client is more empowered and able to participate more fully in their case.

When Robert is not working he is a single father to three wonderful children, Anthony, Olivia and Mia. Robert also enjoys many hobbies, including riding his Harley, golfing, and shooting sports.

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